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Mother / Daughter Make a Sweet Team

Make no mistake about it; Rita and Susan Key are artists. Their medium for artistic expression is perhaps the most delectable, delicious and popular in the United States. The mother and daughter team can create practically anything imaginable using chocolate.

Rita is a former home economics teacher who took a candy making class years ago. She immediately got hooked. She soon started making chocolate confections for family members and friends and eventually taught the craft to Susan who started making treats for her school friends.

After graduating high school, Susan went to college where she earned a degree in food science and technology.

Now, what started out as a hobby for the two women has now become a lucrative business.

The two chocolatiers opened their own chocolate shop in Talbott. The response from the community was reminiscent of the “Field of Dreams” in which a ghostly voice beckons “If you build it they will come.”

The women have made the chocolate and the customers are coming in hordes.

Candy colored chocolate suckers, above, and white chocolate bark, left, tempt the taste buds of shoppers.

Located at 107 Lakeshore Road, “The Chocolate Ladies” can make anything their customer’s heart desires.

“We like a challenge,” Rita said. “Recently we had a man who wanted to give his father a chocolate car for his birthday. We made him a blue car. We can make chocolate in any color. Our concept is chocolate made to order.”

There is something magical about childhood and a candy shop. Stepping into the shop their displays conjure up images of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” or Sammy Davis Jr.’s tune “Candy Man.”

At The Chocolate Ladies, everything is edible. From the chocolate jewelry boxes, the chocolate Easter bunnies and even the Easter baskets made entirely of chocolate, it’s like the song says, “You can even eat the dishes.”

Though they work with all shades of chocolate, the colored chocolate sculptures are created using white chocolate poured into molds. The coloring is done with candy color.

Their displays offer a delightful blend of treats that would satisfy any sweet tooth. From chocolate lollipops to chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered Rice Krispy treats, cherry almond bars, bon bons and more.

What makes The Chocolate Ladies so unique is they can create any chocolate for any holiday or occasion.

“We can provide chocolate creations for weddings, company events, Christmas parties or any special event,” Susan said. “We had a wedding where the bride and groom both liked horses. We created some mints shaped like horseshoes. It’s amazing what we can do. We have molds for any event and organization. We can do special chocolates for the Boy Scouts, the Gideons and any holiday.”

The women proudly support local charities such as the Relay For life, SCHAS (Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service) and the recent Heart Gala. The Chocolate Ladies is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information call 423-736-0640.

"Lakeway Area Hot Spots" by Mike Williams



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